Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My Website.. is it done??


After much debate on my initial web design, i have come up with something i am content with. It has much room for improvement, but for the brief set, it for fills. Now i have knowledge of the programmes used, i can go back and improve.

I have kept my web design simple for now whilst i learnt how to use all the programmes and tools necessary. From starting with a very complex image as my main design, i decide to reflect on my style more, so i have gone for a more "clean" look. As well as being frantic about writing down notes, hence the sticky notes. i am also a great fan of technical drawing and clean lines, so i have tried to keep my website quite plain, and let my portfolio do the talking.

I have also added a small sticky note with my name on, on each page, that links to the home page, to ensure my name runs throughout the site. After all you want people to remember your name!

Between now and hand-in, i will spend time looking and improving my website, as i feel more confident with the programmes and more aware of what i can achieve. But for now, I'm happy at how far and how much i achieved with two new programmes. :)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Animation is coming together :)

Here i have screen grabbed sections of my animation.
I have used the shapes and idea of lighting taken from Paul Cocksedge's work. 

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Life Drawing ......Collage!!!

Below is a set of images showing a quick over view of my illustration work.
i started by looking at baby expressions and coming up with my own set of images. As i didnt have first hand imagary of a baby avaliable to me, i decided to look at myself. From this i noticed the different creases that are made with different expressions. this lead me on taking pictures of my grandma and using her as the inspiration for my images. I also found the set task of creating a pattern woth two shapes very useful.

i just need to make the book now!!

Experiments for Illustration

Webpages ready to show on tuesday :)


Here i have shown parts of my website that will develop with time and new features i have added :) oh and the images work now . Happy Amy

One week to go and list of jobs to do!

With a week to go.. ive made a short list of final jobs to do...

first things first... why are images not showing up on my website?! is it because i moved them around in folders?!?! im lucky ive got this far!

  • add images to blog.. screenprints of animations, pics of progress in illustration, life drawing, and my new design for my web portfolio pages.
  • work on animation sketchbook and animation
  • Make book!!

oh and go to work at the weekend!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wire framing

front pagesub sections

main images
about me page
Contacts page

Here is my first attempt at wire framing on Hot Gloo!! :s

Thursday, 1 October 2009

New Web Designs

I'm really pleased with my new web designs, but comments and suggestions are more than welcome. :)

Thank you to Dom for suggesting the name move :)

Half Hearted Effort

After a half hearted effort at my first attempt of web designs, and a good look at everyone elses, i decided to re-think my whole design approach. I wanted to go for a new look that would show the style of working i like.

Finally managed to download Photoshop! so i can now work from my bed :D so the web design is nealry there :)

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sticky Notes and Chinagraph pencils!

A different approach. Experimenting with large fonts and grey scale, i think this design has a professional look to it. Boring?! I'm not sure, does it need to have lots going on?! i like the clean, slick look.

Here i have created a homepage consisting an enterance to the site. I feel this gives it a nice touch and a "title" page. With a simple 'enter' link, leading to the same layout with the tabs down the left hand side. I like this :D

Web Designs

My first attempt of web design!!!
Using some typography from previous work for the main focus of the page has set the colour scheme, which i love :) Simple titles, which when hovered over with the mouse bring up boxes containing the information needed.

More pictures of previous work and new web designs coming very soon!!!

Here is my 'tea cup' flow chart... short and simple, with a few images throw in, just incase your too such what each item on the chart is :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day 3 Week 1

The lecture everyone loves to hate.. Hist and Crit! but wait a new tutor... well... he's... interesting, anyway! and seems to a good weekly structure, abit more understandable than last years! but 45 mins later, im still clueless on the subject.

2 hours and its time for work, a time for pulling pints and forgetting about the stresses of uni. 4 and half hours later, back home and time to tackle blogger.com... its all abit new to me! hmmm... upload pictures of work... it cant be that hard because i've managed to do it :)

Bedtime, night night :)

Graphic Communication

A poster created using inspiration from a given noun, verb and place.

Metal, Condemned and New York.


A series of illustration based on ' The Night Shift', so movement of time just through the officers watch.

Screen Printing.

One of a series of screenprints based on images inspired by the world record, Most balloon models made in 60 seconds.

Type Specimen Sheet.

Final ideas for type specimen sheets, considering colour, layout, fonts and characteristics of each 'font family'.


Creating the illusion of a volcanic eruption using figures from facts based on the Karkatoa eruption in Java.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Year 2 Day 2

3rd project received! 3rd timetable change! and day 3 well on its way...
Stressed? check.
Retail therapy? check.
Sketchbooks? check.
Mount board? check.
New shoes? check. :)
And so we begin.

Good News, i love my designer for the animation project, so let the mood board commence :)