Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My Website.. is it done??


After much debate on my initial web design, i have come up with something i am content with. It has much room for improvement, but for the brief set, it for fills. Now i have knowledge of the programmes used, i can go back and improve.

I have kept my web design simple for now whilst i learnt how to use all the programmes and tools necessary. From starting with a very complex image as my main design, i decide to reflect on my style more, so i have gone for a more "clean" look. As well as being frantic about writing down notes, hence the sticky notes. i am also a great fan of technical drawing and clean lines, so i have tried to keep my website quite plain, and let my portfolio do the talking.

I have also added a small sticky note with my name on, on each page, that links to the home page, to ensure my name runs throughout the site. After all you want people to remember your name!

Between now and hand-in, i will spend time looking and improving my website, as i feel more confident with the programmes and more aware of what i can achieve. But for now, I'm happy at how far and how much i achieved with two new programmes. :)

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